The Relationship Between School District and Quality of Education

Every parent has a vision of success in the future of their children. In order to achieve this dream, parents need to start early and set their children on the pathway to a rewarding future. One crucial determinant in any individual’s level of prosperity is the quality of education they received from beginning to end of their academic history. Factors including better funding for more qualified faculty, more enrichment activities, varied coursework, and nicer facilities all contribute to a beneficial environment for the development of a child’s level of education.
Prior Lake’s school district 719 has experienced an increase in graduation rate in 2016, moving from 87 percent to 91.5 percent in a year. This is remarkable in comparison to the state-wide high school graduation average, which ranges from 81.9 percent to 82.2 percent. This school district is well known for their experienced faculty and their ability to enhance student’s natural abilities and excel in their future endeavors.
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