Stay Safe on the Lake this Summer!

This week from May 20 – May 26, safe boating advocates are observing National Safe Boating Week, in an effort to promote safety on the boat and in the water.

What seems like a beautiful day for fun on the water can turn hazardous when boating safety standards are not being utilized.  This week, National Safe Boating Week, is the launch of the 2017 North American Safe Boating Campaign. This campaign helps to reinforce the many benefits that boaters can experience from voluntarily and consistently wearing life jackets. For safe recreational boating, wearing a life jacket is the easiest and most efficient way to prevent dangerous events in the water from happening.

According to the U.S. Coast Guard statistics, drowning was the reported cause of death in three-fourths of recreational boating fatalities in 2015. After evaluating these statistics, they found that 85 percent of those who had drowned were not wearing a life jacket.

National Safe Boating Week was created in an effort to lower those statistics and keep recreational boating safe and fun for all who partake in it! Next time you get out on the water, don’t forget your life jacket!

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