Rising Lake Levels on Prior Lake

Ever since the highly destructive Prior Lake flood of 2014, city staff have been very attentive to the lake levels.

Over this past week, the lake has been experiencing a rapid increase in its lake levels. Prior Lake levels increased by almost 5 inches due to rain this week, to an elevation of about 903.08. Further rain in the weather forecast will increase the level quickly due to saturated conditions in the watershed and very little upstream holding capacity.

In late April of this year, the Watershed District made the decision to open the low-flow gate on Prior Lake. Ever since this decision, the lake has experienced some relief from high lake levels, but it is still expected to increase over the next week. For more information and updates on Prior Lake’s lake levels, click the link here. For more information on the Prior Lake flood of 2014, here is a video that describes the effects that the flooding had on Prior Lake’s community.

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