Prior Lake Low Flow Gate Opened    

On April 25 around noon, the low flow gate on the Prior Lake Outlet Structure was opened. Prior Lake was 902.87 feet above sea level before the low flow gate was opened. The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) 7-day weather forecast calls for more rain from today until Sunday, April 30.

The low flow gate functions to balance the lake level out to reduce the possibility of flooding. It operates best when the lake level is between 902.0 and 903.0 feet above sea level. When the lake moves to a level above 903.0 feet, the low flow gate serves very little purpose. This results in almost no extra flow from the lake. The DNR granted the District permission to open the low-flow gate through the end of April. The District will check with the DNR again on May 1 to determine if it is necessary to keep the gate open.

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