Fish Dying Fast on Prior Lake Shoreline

The retreat of water from different lakes combining with chemicals and a lake lacking oxygen can lead to one thing: dead fish and a lot of it. As you walk up and down the shoreline of Prior Lake lakeshore recently, you will find many dead fish. One of the reasons is because of the chemicals people are putting in their shoreline to get rid of weeds. But, the top reason for the fish die-off is the water temperature changing rapidly. “Every spring we get this, ” said DNR Lt. Jackie Glaser, who supervises conservation officers who patrols west-metro lakes. “We’re not concerned at this point.” The dead fish count is higher than most years though. This is not something to be surprised about, but it hit quickly. She said that it was mostly small panfish that were affected by rising water temperatures. Within a 4 day period, the lake temperature went from mid 50’s to 70’s. This makes the fish have a higher risk of getting sick and dying. With temperatures becoming more steady, the number of dead fish washing up on shores will rapidly decrease.

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