Empty Nesters, It’s Time to Relocate!

With many recent graduates heading out the door to college or the professional world, some parents will become empty nesters soon. This is a great time for parents to relocate. Parents have long dreamed of buying a house where they can retire and relax in. It is time to turn this dream into a reality.

During this new stage in life, it is important to keep in mind relaxation when searching for a new home. 77% of people are battling the physical symptoms of stress on a regular basis. A natural setting can make all the difference. Homes that take advantage of Minnesota’s beautiful scenery can allow for higher levels of comfort and a better quality of life.

A lakefront property might just be the key to this more relaxed lifestyle. A lake home is not only a great opportunity to relax, but it is also a great place to exercise and enjoy the outdoors. Having a place to escape and unwind is an overlooked luxury.

So as you send your children off into their next stages, think about your next stages. Think about all of the wonderful and relaxing memories that can be made in a lake home in our beautiful state.

Lakeshore Plus can help you with this new, more relaxed lakeshore lifestyle. For all of your real estate needs, sooner or later you’ll call Jim Slater.


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Sooner or later,

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