Did You Know this about the Summer Market?

Did you know???

  • This is the time of year when realtors and buyers are soliciting us lakeshore owners to sell our homes. In most cases these letters say they are not solicitations, but they typically are.  If you get these letters and you need someone to represent you, please don’t hesitate to call Lakeshore Plus.


  • According to the Minnesota Association of Relators, the number of signed purchase agreements in the 13-county Twin Cities region reached a 10-year high for the month of April. The figure came up just shy of reaching a 10-year record high for any month.


  • The number of new listings increased 10.7 percent to 8, 613 during the month of April. That’s the highest number of new listings for any month since the home buyer tax credit period of April 2010.


  • Buyers wrote 6, 329 offers to purchase homes, a 26.0 percent increase from last April and the most for any month since June 2005. New listings also rose as sellers continued to regain confidence.
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